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About Us

Our Mission:

To encourage all women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and lifestyles to feel their best in their clothes and love thyself for who they are.

"Do you for you."

Eva Mia was founded by a motivated and ambitious female. She put an idea into place and the rest is history. The brand was created to represent the important women in her life. Eva is the name of her maternal grandmother who lived a short life, but is forever remembered. Eva Mia sets to inspire and motivate other women to follow their ideas and dreams. 


Hola, I'm Becky!

I am a first generation Latina who was born in Texas, but raised in Tennessee. I grew up in a small town and have been an educator for over ten years! Educating and learning is what I've loved doing since I can remember. I've always been curious about the world and have had a mind full of ideas and inspirations. I enjoy spending time with my husband and three boys. Spending time with my family and friends are an important aspect of my life!

Eva Mia was inspired by the different women in my life who have inspired me to grow, learn, and adapt in different stages of my life. I hope to make new connections and learn more from other diverse women.